LeBeouf Bros. Towing, LLC is one of the oldest marine towing companies operating on the inland waterway systems, having been formed in the early 1940's by brothers, Willard and Irvin LeBeouf. In 1946, Earl Gonsoulin joined the company and became an equal partner of the company. In 1957, LeBeouf Towing was incorporated under the laws of the State of Louisiana and from that date forward the towing company grew from a two-vessel operation to its current level. In 1968, the Gonsoulin family purchased the LeBeouf family stock resulting in the company being solely owned by the Gonsoulin family. The LeBeouf Bros. Towing company name was retained.

Today the company is owned and operated by Richard "Dickie" Gonsoulin and his son, Jon Gonsoulin and continues to uphold its reputation with its impressive, growing fleet of inland boats and double skin barges.



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